The need for mentoring and supporting young people in this generation I feel is becoming more urgent than ever.

Child line announced that telephone calls from young people over the age of 11 struggling with their identities in this quickly changing world, has tripled.

There is something wonderful in knowing that someone has your back through thick and thin.

I’m a retired boxer and know that having a good corner with good coaches backing me up, meant that I was safe and was being given the best advice. It was then up to me to perform to the best I could in the competition.

I’ve had some great mentors in my life over the years in teachers, lecturers and sports coaches.

Now I have amazing spiritual mentors. In young people, this is often a neglected aspect.

Back up is reinforcement – It strengthens you, supports you and boosts you up.

Think about what happens to our work on a computer if it is not backed up – it gets lost.

Think about a structure that isn’t backed up with good foundations – it falls down.

This blog came about from watching a video about a youth ‘mission camp’ in America.

A mum speaks about her son, who struggles with socialising. She booked him on to the camp.

In the first few days, she received texts of her son wanting to desperately come home, then the texts stopped.

He received Backup at the camp with godly youth pastors, leaders and young people supporting him, strengthening him and boosting him up in the camp process.

She stated that society is committed to young people in academics, sports and in the area of their mental and physical health yet parents are managing to put their child’s faith journeys on the back burner.

Her vision for her son was to have him longing for the great things of God after he leaves his nest.

She saw the necessity of youth pastors and leaders supporting her son, but did not want them to be their only spiritual leaders!

She wanted them as BACKUP!

The value of young people being exposed to people who love God with everything they have and who are committed to a life of service with the belief that young people are the Christian leaders of the future.

NCCL are taking a group of young people to Rock Nations Conference in Bradford in August firmly believing that they will experience God in a different way, and be around people who love God whilst making friends.

However we don’t want it to end after the amazing experience of camp. We want to be a continued BACKUP for parents and the young people we encounter to encourage, support, strengthen and reinforce their faith journeys with Jesus Christ.

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