We begin not just another New Year but a New Decade as 2020 is here. It’s very different from the crossover into another year, entering into another decade and amazingly, we’re still driving around in cars that don’t fly!

So here we are looking back at another year, or ten as the case may be.  For some of us it’s a year or years we’re glad to see the back of and for others, we will have had some sunny days and some rainy days too however, that’s life for all of us in every year!

I found that sometimes I had become so preoccupied with getting my life to a manageable point or a better future that I’d miss what was happening in the moment right now and the reality of a coming eternity. So on many occasions I would intentionally focus on my One Word for 2019 which was TIME and it helped me to put things into perspective and settled my heart and mind. 

And you’ve probably found, like I found, that each day keeps blurring into the next while we try to make some progress with our many good intentions.  That’s why ‘MY ONE WORD’ is so good because it can actually help us to focus. Not just having a list in January of good intentions to change my life, (well for the first few weeks of the year at least), but all the way to December too!

It’s a new way to approach personal change!  In looking through the lens of a single chosen word, we can find a new approach to help towards personal change and spiritual formation – one that is doable and can definitely be a 100 times more effective than a broken resolution!  I have found that I have remembered and thought about My One Word throughout the year and it actually changed my thinking in many areas of my life! 

This is our third year of ‘MY ONE WORD’ movement and it’s been great to hear people in our church asking each other “What’s your word?” Or, “How’s it going with your one word?” We hear them answer with, “My one word is ______, and so far God is showing me ________.” We are actually helping each other simply by talking about our words.

Our lives are fast-paced and demanding.  Our attention is divided. We have so many things to focus on that distract us from our spiritual formation and we can become overwhelmed at the idea of reading through the Bible in a year or memorising a verse every week.  We would all like to and some of us will no doubt!

So ‘My One Word’ will help bring clarity and concentrate our efforts giving us a simple but effective plan to effect personal change (spiritual formation) by allowing that single word to become the lens through which we can look at our heart and life for an entire year.  And as we focus on our word over an extended period of time we can hopefully position ourselves for God to build our character at a deep and sustainable level!

The ONE WORD for the church this year is:


To intend – to resolve to do something

Determination, resoluteness – an intended or desired result, aim or goal

The reason for which something is done.

MY ONE WORD this year is:


Joy is the result of my choice, I have a choice in the way I respond to the circumstances of my life, and though I have no control over them, I have a choice in how I react to them. Joy is not the same as happiness, we can be unhappy about many things, but joy can still be there because it comes from the knowledge of God’s love for us.  So JOY will be my focus in 2020.

God told the shepherds through the angels on the night Jesus was born “behold I bring you good news of great Joy, which will be to all people”

That includes you and me!!

Let me conclude with the Apostle Paul’s wise words in Philippians 3:13 GN “One thing I do is to forget what is behind me and do my best to reach what is ahead”.

I hope you find that your ONE WORD for 2020 helps you to focus and strengthens your heart and life for the entire year!

His love & mine, 

Pastor Lydia x

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