I love the reliability of Jesus’s words!
We can depend on Christ and His word or words plural for there are so many dependable words that Jesus gave throughout the Bible. Whether it was words given directly to His disciples when He walked this earth or later through His Holy Spirit inspired writers. His Word will produce not willpower so much as commitment to depend on Him and His Words.
The aim then is for us to use our One Word to get into a focused posture and remain there while we depend on Christ, not on a list of resolutions we make on the 1st of January each year and break by the end of the same month!
We can focus on our One Word throughout the whole year because change is possible but focus is required.
Can your One Word reach further, or perhaps deeper, than self-activity or self-help ever could? True heart-level renovation takes the Master Carpenter, He is the One who crafted our heart from the start, then redeemed it and then began a transformation in us that He will be faithful to complete.
One of my favourite Bible verses is Philippians 1:6 ‘Being confident of this very thing, that He who has begun a good work in you will COMPLETE it until the day of Jesus Christ’.
So on that note let’s keep in mind, that as we focus on our God inspired One Word for the year, with whatever challenges we face in the year of 2022, we are going to move beyond self-help into full surrender and godly dependence.
Remember, our commitment to change is not a means to get God to act on our behalf. He already has as the Bible verse above confirms!
A little advise…
Keep your One Word in front of you.
Create several ways to keep your word in front of you this year. I do this every year to help keep me focused, perhaps place it somewhere in your home, car, on your computer, profile picture or on your desk.
Give a friend permission every now and then to ask how your One Word is going.
Be sure to pray for God’s guidance as you choose your One Word for the year ahead.
Remember you are anchored in Jesus.
His love & mine,
Pastor Lydia x

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