On Friday 5th July our Youth Life Group team had one task- Escape! We visited the Eltham Escape Rooms with the exciting prospect of becoming secret agents for an hour. On arrival we were given clear instructions and as soon as the door shut, we had one hour to work out how to escape. Quick into the task we read out the briefing notes, in that time our first key was found too. Rocketing around the room we all searched, finding parts of the puzzle with codes that were needed to unlock pad locks and draws. I stood back for a few minutes to watch our next generation of future leaders. 

I would like to say that I was thoroughly impressed with their problem solving skills and tenacity. None of them gave up, got off task, moaned or didn’t help. There were only a couple of occasions where they needed some adult guidance to refocus them on something they may have been missing… “guys, I’m sure this chalk and numbers on the wall are here for a reason!!!” We were not too proud to ring up the official top secret agent for a little guidance every now and again after exhausting all options we could think of. The experience got me thinking about the struggle of life that young people have to navigate through, often without any guidance from adult mentors. Mentors for me have a profound impact on my life when trying to work out things in my relationship with Jesus Christ. I never had that for 30 years of my life and I know that had a negative impact in decisions I may have made. Being a Christ follower is sometimes not easy… being a Christian doesn’t mean we have to know all the answers. If we are uncertain, going to God for wisdom & guidance and from the right godly people helps. I worry about people who, for one reason of another (Whether through being hurt in the past or struggle to make meaningful connections) don’t have positive connections who in turn will help point towards the right direction to find significance in life. 

Every person in the escape room for that one hour was important!! We had a team with mathematicians, visual & practical skills and intelligence. Each one of us contributed. That is what being in the family of God is all about. Using our God given shape to be part of a bigger picture that brings encouragement and discipleship to people in our sphere of life and community. With 28 seconds to go, we did it! We escaped and won the game. In Christ you are loved, shaped with unique qualities, made for family with meaningful connections and are significant. 

Victory Youth Day!!! #VYDay 

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