I’m going to start this little blog with a question, “Have you ever felt like you were drowning?”

Now I don’t mean literally (hopefully you haven’t been in that scenario in your life), I mean drowning under work, or lack of it, or pressure, or stress or anything really that gives you that feeling of “I’m going under”!

Remember the night when the disciple Peter was in the middle of a storm walking towards Jesus on the water, and as the account goes, which we know so well, he began to sink!  Then, as my title suggests he felt the grip of Jesus lifting him back up.  That must have been a strong grip and very reassuring for Peter! (We read of that account in Matthew 14:22-33)

I want to assure you that we too can feel the grip of Jesus on our life, in fact on so many countless times I have felt the grip on my life of my Friend and Saviour Jesus Christ!  Don’t take the presence of a storm to indicate the absence of God.  God has promised to be with you and I and He certainly won’t allow us to drown in our difficulties or disappointments or anything that may be causing us sorrow or stress. 

Rest assured that He is our ever present help in times of trouble 

Psalm 46:1 TPT 

God, you’re such a safe and powerful place to find refuge!  You’re a proven help in time of trouble – more than enough and always available whenever I need you.

We don’t need to fear the future because God is watching over us. He has a firm grip on the whole earth, and as we see changes time and time again especially due to Covid-19 remember this, God has got a firm grip on our future!

Let’s take another look at Peter… yes, he was sinking, but only a little, he wasn’t all the way under the water, but he was terrified because he saw how strong the wind and the waves were.  He then immediately shouted to Jesus “Save me Lord!” 

Is that where we go wrong sometimes because we don’t shout out immediately to Jesus, do we allow ourselves to become so afraid that we sink even further under the waves – the pressures of life?  Well, let me be real, the pressures of life are strong aren’t they? 

However, the only way satan can get us into bondage and fear is to get us to believe a lie! He deceives us through lies such as, “Jesus is going to let you down now, and where is He then, why doesn’t He come and help or save you?”

But the Bible says: His grip is greater, John 4:4 and God is for us so what or who can come against us? Romans 8:31

What did Jesus do when Peter called out to Him?  He immediately, instantly reached out and grabbed Peter’s hand and when they climbed back into the boat the storm stopped.  What did Jesus say? “You have so little faith, why did you doubt me?”

Jesus is saying the same to us today.  When they saw Jesus walking on the water towards them He spoke to them at once.  “Don’t be afraid,” he said.  “Take courage.  I am here!” 

God is here! Don’t doubt!

He is with you, He is with me.  Why ever would he choose now, today in August 2020 to let us down or to leave us all alone to grapple with life, never, never, never!  He is always with us and will always save us, glory to God!  The winds and waves still know His Name! 


I feel Your grip on my life Lord and it is well with my soul!

We are safe and secure because Jesus has a firm hold on all of us.  He will calm the storms.  He has not forgotten you, He has a plan for your life even when the odds are against you, He will come to where you are.  Jesus has a firm grip on your life.  Amen!

Not only can we be secure in that knowledge but read below and be encouraged…

He will fill our lives with good things and renew our youth like the eagles!  Amen. (Psalm 103:8)  (I especially like the bit about renewing our youth!)

Keep safe & be blessed.

His love & mine,

Pastor Lydia x

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