The famous Jack Nicklaus once said that “Achievement is largely the product of steadily raising one’s level of aspiration and expectation.”

We were heading to Bradford for the Rock Nations Youth Conference 2018 in the mini bus with a high level of expectation that something really cool was going to happen.

Watching the conference video we knew that the theme was about LIFE!
Life being mad fun and ‘lit’ but also filled with a purpose uniquely designed by God.

We arrived at the hotel, checked in and went off to Nando’s for dinner… chicken is always a great way to start any event and definitely raised our aspirations and expectations for a mad fun time.

The next morning we headed off into Bradford Town Centre, welcoming the ‘weird’ Northern lifestyle with fish and chips (and gravy) for lunch plus a visit to the National Media Museum. Lots of nostalgia was to be had in the ‘gaming room.’

Bradford Life Church took our breath away as we registered & collected our wrist bands now getting excited for the start of conference.

Alongside the fun of playing sports, going on fairground rides and generally hanging out together, the meetings were extremely powerful, we witnessed and encountered many healings and salvations amongst the young people and their leaders. God certainly helped us in our own private individual aspects of our lives.

We all left the conference with an expectation that God is with us, helping us in every aspect of our lives and is wanting to help us achieve LIFE to the MAX!

– Steph Ware 

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