With Pastor Kristian Thorpe from Arena Church, Ilkeston

Having moved our church location from Chislehurst to Hayes, we decided this would be a great opportunity to Launch and commission the church into our new community.

What an exciting weekend we had, starting with a Leaders Breakfast and talk at The Crown, Carvery and ending with a fabulous Sunday lunch at the local Café, Hayes Street Kitchen.

We were joined in our Sunday service with lots of visitors and friends and enjoyed a trip down memory lane with an excellent media presentation recalling our journey thus far.  We then received a passionate and inspiring message of hope from our guest speaker Pastor Kristian who commission the church moving forward into what we believe will be an exciting future.

See the prayer below…



Lord today we stand together, in your Presence.

We desire as a community of people, the family of God called New Creation Church London to lift up your Name, to declare your goodness and to make you famous in the Bromley Borough and beyond.

We desire to build a church that lifts up your Name with exuberant worship and where the Grace of God would be preached and experienced.  A place where the lost will be welcomed, the broken will be healed, the downtrodden will be encouraged, the confused would find wisdom, the marginalised would be loved and served and the Gospel would be preached, where the young and old, all colours, all backgrounds the poor and rich, educated and uneducated would gather together.

A church with a huge front door that welcomes and embraces.

Please forgive us for our waywardness, our sinfulness and for being distracted.  We offer, extend and release true forgiveness to all those who have hurt, criticised, abused, ridiculed and rejected us.

In fact in this moment we pray for those who have abused us as your Word commands, and we pray that all the churches who love You and preach You in the area of Bromley would grow and increase.

Lord anything that has held us back and is holding us back we ask that You would in this divine moment take the Sword of Your Spirit and cut it off.  As David slayed the giant and then took the sword and cut off Goliath’s head, we ask that you would cut off all the past experiences, mindsets and negative words and release us into the establishment of this new Church.

Grant us a new life, a new way, a new vision, a new purpose and a new love!

May we always do what is right, to love mercy and to walk humbly with our God.  May NCCL make much of Jesus in the coming years and as we lift You up, may you draw thousands upon thousands to Your Name. 

In Jesus Name – AMEN.

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