Abba: Dear Child, you cannot be here and there at the same time, you cannot be humble and proud at the same time. You either trust me or you don’t. You’re either in or out.

Child: I’m all in father! I’m all in.

Abba: Then buckle up, there might be bumps on the way.

Child: How bumpy lord, why not just take the smooth path?

God: There is nothing to learn on the smooth path.

Child: I’m afraid!

Abba: Why fear when I have control of this ship?  I never promised you a smooth sail through life, but I promised to hold your hands through it all, from the faintest lightening through to the raging storm. I promise to never leave you. Trust me, it’s all coming together for your good.

Child: it’s hard to see that sometimes father.

Abba: Do you trust me?

Child: Forgive me father for making you too small in my eyes. You see the end from the beginning, but I am limited by my senses unaware of what will happen the very next second. You are loving, kind, wise and all knowing. I want to trust you father, I will trust you.

Abba: I will reveal myself to you in so many ways. Today, know me as your Anchor. I am your Anchor! In the storms of life I will uphold you and keep you firm and steadfast.  You will not drift or sink.

Child: I trust you father. Teach me to trust you daily.


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